A clear plan for a
better dental practice.

Dental practice management
coaching in Houston, TX and
Columbus, OH

Are you uncertain about the best way to deal with your
dental business or team-related challenges?

  • Build a self-managing team with less drama and staff turnover
  • Handle a busy, growing practice without getting overwhelmed
  • Know how to build a more profitable schedule than you already have
  • Prepare to retire when you want, not just when most dentists do

Grow and lead your practice with confidence

with coaching from Fortune Management Houston

Bigger Vision

Get the perspective you need to dream bigger. A coach holds you accountable to your vision, directs you to the resources you need now, and helps you become the leader who can make it all a reality.

Better Profits

Implement proven practice management systems that result in a consistent schedule, a great team dynamic, top-line and bottom-line growth, and effective responses when the unexpected happens.

Bolder Strategy

Understand ALL your options. Operate like a CEO and make educated decisions about expansion, leveraging technology, [marketing], adding associates, retirement timing,
and more.

Knowing how to build a practice that is rewarding and successful shouldn’t be so hard.

  • Dentists report stronger teamwork, less stress, and optimism about their futures 
  • 100% of our clients saw up to 40% year-over-year collections increases prior to 2020.
  • All practices successfully reopened after the COVID shutdown, posted record Q4 numbers, and had their most profitable year ever in 2020. 

What Clients Are Saying

It’s easy to get started:

1. Schedule a call. Your time is valuable! In this brief consultation you’ll get a fresh perspective on your situation, and options to move forward. If coaching is right for you, a comprehensive practice evaluation with a detailed treatment plan will follow.

2. Spell out your vision. Get clear on what you really want, and start the process that will get you there, so you can take your practice to the highest levels of success on your terms. Your coach also meets with your staff to get their full buy-in.

3.Build a better practice. Get the tools and accountability you need to progress rapidly toward your goals: regular executive coaching calls, monthly facilitated meetings with your team, and Fortune Management seminars. 

4. Live a life you love! Bask in the freedom to step away from the office and recharge, even take vacations. Enjoy working with your no-drama high-performance team. Earn the income you deserve, while working the hours you want.

Fortune Management Houston -- more than just another dental consultant.

When you’re looking for a way to take control of your practice and your future, you need more than what you’ve learned on your own or in dental school. 

Imagine having access to the combined experience of hundreds of successful dentists and tools that have helped thousands of other practices. I’m Dr. Brian Passell, and as your Fortune Management coach, I will help you leverage those considerable resources to get the outcome you want, and more.

I do more than just “fix up the front office”. I listen to find out what you want and need, and then help you achieve it by serving you in [three ways]. I support you as your Practice Management Specialist, refining your [office systems]. I also act as your Executive Coach and Business Strategist, holding you and your team accountable to your goals, and helping you make sophisticated business decisions like a CEO.

Coaching is billed monthly – no long-term contracts or lump-sum payments. 

If you’re ready to take control of your present and future, to build an even better practice, schedule a call today!

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