The dental industry has evolved significantly in the last few years, thanks to the advancement in technology. Further, new methods are in place, and the patients expect high-quality treatment and a smooth experience. Many dentists struggle to maintain that competitive factor and make their practice a success. Mentioned below are 10 common mistakes dental practice owners make in practice management that you should avoid.

1. Poor Office Aesthetics

Ambiance and cleanliness are critical factors that affect the patient’s comfort. The parking lot, flooring, and walls leading up to the front door are the first things they observe when patients walk into your clinic. Without creating an “aesthetic office” look and feel environment can have a negative impact on a patient’s experience. It’s important to consider and invest in repairing any chipped walls or cracked flooring to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

2. Resistance to Change

Some dentists tend to stick to traditional methods and not take other people’s advice, especially when it comes to adapting to the current trends and changes. Hence, a poor attitude towards change is likely to lead to poor practice management.

3. Lack of Hi-tech Equipment

It’s a must for every dental clinic to use the best hi-tech dental equipment like digital imaging, intraoral cameras, and more. This is an important factor that patients look for in a dental clinic, and dentists should invest in them.

4. Mishandled Patient Consultation

Pre-planning patients’ visits are a must to avoid inconvenience for both – you and the patient. This includes keeping a proper check with their interview time and asking a few questions before calling them in for a proper consultation.

5. Poor Communication Skills

Dentists who lack proper communication skills or are not good listeners fail to satisfy the patients and even retain staff members. This results in a poorly run dental practice. This also has a low impact on the skills of the dentist.

6. Not Making Effort for Team Bonding

If your goal is to build a successful business, then it starts with building a successful team. You spend most of your time with your team members, so it takes that opportunity to bond with the team by taking out for lunch as it can be busy at the office. Consider asking your team members how to grow as a team and listen to others will boost confidence and morale.

7. Poor Engagement in New-Patient Consultation

New-patients are an asset to your clinic. However, not engaging with them properly during their first visit or consultation over the phone could lead to losing an excellent prospective patient.

8. Poor Staff Motivation

As previously mentioned on number 6. Your staff is the reason why you’re able to run your clinic successfully. Offering motivational incentives like bonuses and paid leaves may improve efficiency. However, connecting with your staff is more important because it shows you have taken the time to personally reach out and look for ways to improve, which shows leadership.

9. Poor Office Image

You have to continually keep upgrading your clinic’s image by upgrading the interior, treating staff members the right way, and welcoming patients’ attitudes. Doing this will improve the office environment and encourage the patient to come back the next time and recommend you to others.

10. Not Taking Proper Control

Your clinic should be a place where you have full control; whether it’s the staff, environment, or supplies, it is your responsibility to keep everything together. Fail to do so will cause loose holes within your infrastructure that will prevent your business from growing.


Looking at these 10 mistakes in practice management, you can now identify where you may be going wrong and what you can do to fix it. If you are uncertain about the condition of your dental practice, consider scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Brian Passell at (281) 686-4550

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