• What does a dental coach do for me?

    A dental coach finds out what you want and helps you achieve it. It is not my job to put my expectations on you. So? A coach holds you accountable for what you say you want and your actions and decisions that bring you closer to your ultimate vision.

  • Can dental practice coaching help me get new patients?

    Absolutely. The real question is what is the right strategy for your practice to get new patients? Each practice is unique and needs a custom new patient strategy.

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    Results are always extraordinary and, just like for your patients, are different for each dentist because of their situation, goals and visions are always unique to them. Although, if measuring by production, most will see 20-50% increase year over year. Some doctors' goals are about fixing the office's culture, alleviating stress, expanding, etc....of course these will end up with production and collection growth as well.

  • Are your seminars and coaches located in Houston?

    Yes, our full series of seminars take place right here in Houston and our coaches are located here as well.

  • Do I have to sign a long term contract?

    No. I believe so strongly in the power of what we do and the strength of relationships we build that there's no need for one. We go with a month to month agreement.

  • How can a dental practice grow and even thrive during the covid19 pandemic?

    It really depends on what goals you have in mind right now and what are you looking to achieve during the pandemic. There are strategy plans prepped for these kinds of situations. Call me for a free consultation and I will break down your options on how to overcome your dental practice growth concerns. 

What Clients Are Saying

Until Fortune Management I thought my practice had reached its maximum production. Thanks to Fortune’s methodical and persistent coaching ability a true team was given birth before my eyes. What is most interesting about Fortune’s concepts is how applicable they are in everyday life. My life has changed for the better.” Dr. K.V.M