Your Dental Practice,
Fully Optimized.

Are YOU ready to build a winning dental practice and team? I coach dentists to help them DREAM more, LEARN more, DO more & BECOME more

Brian Passell, PhD.

I coach dentists how to be everything they didn’t learn to be in dental school.

Your clinical skills got you here. Your business, leadership, management, and communication mastery will get you to where you want to go. I teach you how to get the life that you want. This is more valuable than ever given today’s constantly evolving dental landscape.

And I go further…Just as a great dentist helps patients see what’s possible through dentistry; I get dentists to see what’s possible through coaching.

Essentially…I take dental practice owners from where they are now; to where they want to be.

I coach dentists to think and function differently.

To be like successful CEOs and Leaders so their practices can run efficiently, productively and profitably. This allows our dentists to focus on doing what they love and know best: delivering excellent dental care to their patients!

What exactly is a dental practice coach, and why would I need one?

A coach is not a consultant. A consultant may show up and mow the lawn while the roof is on fire, I find out what the dentist wants and then help them achieve it

A Fortune Management Dental Coach is unique because I fulfill three roles.

As your Practice Management Specialist a Fortune coach is adept at helping you to implement key practice management systems that address each of the five engines that drive the practice toward your vision;

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technology and Clinical Offerings
  • Organization & Systems
  • Financial
  • People

This results in reliable systems, a consistent and profitable schedule, a great place to work, up to date A/R, improved case acceptance, increased patient referrals, new patients, etc…all this leads to topline and bottom-line growth, and more importantly, less stress and more joy.

As your Executive Coach, I believe it is not my job to put my expectations on you. I hold you accountable to your vision, commitments, and actions. I direct you to the resources you need now, and help you become who you need to be to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. 

As your Key Business Strategist, I work with you on fulfilling your vision for the business and to achieve your vision for life. I help you act like a CEO and make educated, sophisticated business decisions that advance you closer to your objectives. Depending on what’s best for you, this could involve;

  • practice mergers and acquisitions, 
  • bringing on associates that are future business partners, 
  • adding multiple locations, 
  • real estate purchases, 
  • bringing in specialists to create a multi-specialty practice, 
  • remodeling their current facility to create their dream practice 
  • and so much more

What Clients Are Saying

Part of my saving grace was Brian, my coach and Fortune Management. Knowing I had a team working to try to get answers and make a plan was priceless. They helped with the reality that we were shut down (because of COVID-19) BUT we won’t focus on the negative, we are closed, it is what it is, instead we will focus on what do we do for the practice, the team and for the future.

Open a world of possibilities by running and leading your dental practice like no one else.

Just as every person’s DNA is unique, so too is their vision and in turn, their practice culture as unique is as they are.

The culture of your practice will bring the best out of each team member and create an experience for your patients that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The culture will determine your practice’s brand and what you are known for.

What Are the Five Business Engines?

To get to where you want to go you need energy to drive you there. The five business engines “drive” the practice towards your vision. We examine, and re-examine over time, each engine in your practice and create a treatment plan…whether to press on the gas or let up…how much power (energy + resources) to invest in that area now. This prevents you from spending too much or too little and gets your team’s effort laser focused on where you’ll get the absolute best progress toward your vision.

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