Brian Passell,

Hi, I'm Dr. Brian Passell!

I empower dentists to build a future where they work as much or as little as they want to, not because they have to.

As an i/o psychologist, and former management consultant and human resources leader, I bring a perspective and a wealth of experience that enrich the support I provide my clients. 

I make my clients’ success possible, on their terms, by bringing out their unique vision for their dental practice and the lifestyle they want to live.  I do this by keeping them accountable and by creating a self-managing, high performance team to drive it all forward. 

My passion for coaching dentists runs deep. Twenty years ago, I saw my dad,  a Periodontist in Phoenix, grow a good perio career into an extraordinary business that created happiness and wealth beyond the imagination for both him and his team. How? He was coached by Fortune Management. It changed his life. It inspired me. 

While working toward my PhD. in industrial/organizational psychology, I became obsessed with my dad’s dental business because I saw Fortune coaching him on concepts I was a developing expert in; leadership, management, vision setting, strategy building, employee motivation, and team building just to name a few. 

The results were astounding…from one dentist practice to four practitioners, almost no staff turnover and much less stress, all the way to an early and rewarding retirement.   I fell in love with how I could apply my area of expertise to help dentists to achieve life and professional success above and beyond their expectations. 

This I believe; every dentist has the potential to build a future where they work as much or as little as they want to, not because they have to. I make this possible  by  bringing out their vision for their lives and dental practices while creating a self-managing, high performance,  team to drive it all forward.

I have a PhD from the University of Georgia and a MS from San Diego State University in industrial/organizational psychology, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona. I spent almost 15 years working in Houston for major consulting firms and companies where I honed my coaching know-how and business acumen before coming back to my “home”; the dental industry.

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