You’re a dentist.  You own your own practice. Congratulations.  You face a truckload of pressures that no one else in the office experiences. 


Trying to make your dental practice efficient, productive, and profitable while also trying to maintain a work/life balance is seemingly impossible. How can you figure out how to run your practice while you’re tied up with delivering amazing dentistry and have a good life away from the office? If you’re entangled with these kinds of problems and questions – you are a candidate for dental practice coaching.


 Who can you turn to for help? 


Me, a dental practice management coach, that’s who. I will help you identify areas for improvement in your business, systems, leadership and team. I’ll get you to define in crystal clear terms what your vision is for your practice and your life. Let me show you how this works by defining what a coach does;

  • A coach possesses high integrity and is willing to be responsible that you, the dentist, succeeds.
  • A coach always holds back his or her own version of the desired future state. It’s always about the dentist’s version.
  • A coach will ask, “Does this action, decision, or emotion move you toward or away from  your vision and goals?”
  • A coach draws out the dentist’s values and holds them to their highest standards.
  • A coach helps the dentist develop their leadership skills.
  • A coach is, and stays, detached from the dentist’s outcome.
  • A coach helps the dentist believe in him or herself. If the dentist has doubts or insecurities,  the coach asks, “What would you have to believe to make that true?”
  • A coach is patient, but doesn’t ignore your incongruent behavior. A coach will ask, “What are the costs (to yourself and to the business) of continuing this behavior?” or, “How much more distress about this situation are you prepared to endure?”

As your coach I will work with you to constantly improve your management and systems, not by doing it for you, but by creating a culture of accountability for you and your staff.  As your coach, because I am detached, I am there to push you to keep you on track if you go astray. And then support  you to go beyond your perceived limitations by helping you see what’s possible. I  will also be the first to acknowledge you for a job well done. 


How do I know if dental coaching is for me? 


If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then your practice could benefit from getting an executive dental coach. 


  1. Has your practice’s growth stalled or decreased? Has your revenue hit a plateau? 
  2. Do you wish your staff worked like a high performance team? Tired of turnover?
  3. Do you ever feel like your clinical skills and training are worth more than the money you’re making?
  4. Do you feel unsure of how to accomplish the goals you want to achieve? 
  5. Are you working more hours than you would like to be? 

Getting started with dental coaching.


No matter what business or industry someone is in, you can always benefit from coaching. So dentistry is no different.  No matter your situation – whether you are a recent dental school graduate, working towards retirement, or are somewhere in between – dental coaching can help you get where you want to go, faster. A dental coach will help you identify the best course of action for your business, what changes can be made now for short term wins and  create long term plans for greater future outcomes for your career and your life. 


The amazing thing about coaching, if you are ready,  it can start with one highly impactful conversation. With no hidden agenda, quite literally, the only intent of a great coach is to make you a better version of yourself every time you connect. 

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