What Are the Five Business Engines?

To get to where you want to go you need energy to drive you there. The five business engines “drive” the practice towards your vision. We examine, and re-examine over time, each engine in your practice and create a treatment plan…whether to press on the gas or let up…how much power (energy + resources) to invest in that area now. This prevents you from spending too much or too little and gets your team’s effort laser focused on where you’ll get the absolute best progress toward your vision.

It all starts with your vision. As the business leader you must have a crystal-clear picture of your ideal practice. Do you have one?

Want to get rid of anxiety? Decision making is easy when you can answer “Does this move me closer to or away from my vision?

Want less stress and a more cohesive team? Share your vision so everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Can you answer with specificity “What’s my vision?” If I ask your team “Do you know the doctor’s vision for the practice?” what would they say? Be honest. It’s likely “No.” And that’s a risk to your success.

Your vision will become your beacon, lighting up the future to give you direction. Without it you are lost. Let’s start there.

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What Clients Are Saying

Until Fortune Management I thought my practice had reached its maximum production. Thanks to Fortune’s methodical and persistent coaching ability a true team was given birth before my eyes. What is most interesting about Fortune’s concepts is how applicable they are in everyday life. My life has changed for the better.” Dr. K.V.M

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